Euroloan Group in brief

Euroloan Group PLC (Euroloan) is a rapidly growing international financial technology (Fintech) group headquartered in Helsinki, Finland and has offices in Stockholm, Sweden, Warsaw, Poland and Luxembourg. Euroloan has developed the most efficient financing business models and systems in the market, and is the leading service provider in key European markets. Euroloan’s fully automated and internationally scalable cloud services provide real-time credit solutions for small-to-medium size businesses and consumers.

Euroloan Group also provides a fully automated invoicing and collection service through its subsidiary Cobro24, enabling cost-effective complete life cycle management of receivables. Euroloan has consolidated its market position and increased its market share continuously from the time the company was established in 2007. 


Our vision is to drive the fundamental change in the financial services industry through being the leading provider of technologically superior financial technology for online financial services and receivables management.

Values and Ethical Guidelines

Our values are something we live by – they should shine through what we do. In our everyday work, we bring our personal values, which include the responsibility for people and the environment.

We strive to offer easy, effort-free and reliable service to our customers and to bring responsibility, accountability and long-term sustainability to the Financial sector. We expect our customers to behave in a responsible way, and reward reliable customers.

We want to provide a safe, friendly and familiar environment for our staff.
In all interaction with our investors, openness, fairness and good service are our leading values.

We require compliance with the group’s ethical guidelines from our personnel and contractors.



Summary of Euroloan’s Ethical guidelines:

• We follow existing laws and regulations, and actively help in enforcing them
• We strive to implement the recommendations of consumer protection authorities and organizations
• We offer guidance and recommendations to consumers to avoid excessive debt and ensuing problems
• We welcome improved oversight of the Finance sector
• Our reports are accurate and truthful
• We are fair in our dealings and follow our policies, treating all our customers in the same manner
• We do not associate ourselves with corruption or underhanded dealings
• We honor our agreements and expect others to do the same
• We do not take unreasonable risks, but conduct business in a prudent and reliable manner
• We treat our personnel fairly and equally
• We lead through example


Our core strategy consists of the following:

• Improving scalability and enabling rapid growth through automation
• Creating and using the best financial technology (Fintech) available
• Offering innovative solutions to everyday finance
• Cost leadership in transactions and operations
• Good customer service

We design and develop our products and services for efficiency and rapid scalability to new markets. By using cloud services and continuous releases we have achieved massive scalability where we open new markets in a fraction of the time needed before.

Our core expertise areas are in high-volume transactions, such as online payment and funding solutions, consumer finance, receivables management and collection services.

Our long-term target is to be the most valuable service provider in our field in the European market.

Competitive edge

High Payment Rate

Euroloan’s services have an exemplary record with a low non-payment rate, due to Euroloan’s proprietary client screening and credit scoring process. Each potential client is identified, screened and followed up over time so that the client’s payment behaviour is known. This, in combination with our fully automated, flexible and self-adapting credit scoring process, reduces credit losses to a sustainable level and gives an extra competitive edge compared to other service providers.

Low Cost

Our proprietary financing and collection systems are fully automated, reducing the cost per transaction and enabling growth without increasing costs. Euroloan is already one of the most cost-effective companies in the business.


Euroloan is committed to its long-term strategic targets, and seeks to grow without increasing relative risk.

The company cooperates with financial service authorities and consumer organizations, in order to bring higher ethical standards to its business. Euroloan also has a Corporate Social Responsibility program.

Flexible & Innovative

The Euroloan finance system is easily expandable to facilitate growth both in terms of markets and new service products. Our unique business model offers a full-service concept to lenders who want to enter specific market segments.

Market position

Euroloan seeks a moderate initial market share in its target markets. The market share is grown in the intermediate and long term through consistent marketing, cost leadership and targeted financial products for each customer segment.

The industry is growing rapidly, offering an opportunity to grow with demand.