The company finances its operations mainly through privately held bonds and equity. Other sources of financing may be used as deemed necessary by management. The company solidity may vary, but the target is to maintain sufficient equity at all times while optimising returns.

Bonds and shares

  • The company’s external capital is mainly in the form of privately held bonds.
  • The terms and prices of bonds are updated regularly, and they are only offered to
    a limited group of professional investors.
  • Bond durations vary and they are renewed continuously.
  • The company may issue shares in directed or general share issues, as instructed
    by the shareholders meeting. Bond terms can be found on Bloomberg.
  • Special rights and terms are listed in the company’s Articles of Association.
  • Share issue prices have not been determined for convertible bonds. The buyer
    can choose to or not to convert the capital into shares when informed of the share
    issue price. Convertible bonds not exercised will be repaid on due date at face value.
  • Senior loans are repaid before bonds.
  • Investing into Euroloan shares or bonds carries a risk.