Consumer protection

Euroloan Group Plc is a reliable and responsible partner, and all our operations adhere to and are governed by legislation and directives issued by local regional administration, financial supervisory and regulatory authorities in the countries we operate in. We pride ourselves in complying with the laws, regulations, and recommendations issued by the relevant consumer protection authorities.

We make every effort to offer a fair and transparent cost and pricing structure to all of our valued customers. Reliable customers who pay regularly and on time are thus rewarded with the lowest possible costs on their lending, and our modern risk mitigation methods allow us to handle the occasional bad debt with minimal impact to those customers.

You may find more information on our Company and Corporate Policy pages. If you require any additional information, please contact us directly by phone (+358 10 217 1000) or email (

Avoiding excessive debt

Consumers facing an increasing amount of debt and / or facing financial difficulties are advised to contact and seek assistance from the relevant authorities. Avoiding the problem and procrastination usually makes debt problems worse and causes unnecessary additional interest and debt-collection costs.

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