Saving the Baltic Sea

Our Group has continued to reduce its carbon footprint year over year, executing on our philosophy to “Think Globally, Act Locally”. In this regard, Eurloloan Group Plc is a supporter and donor to the BSAG (Baltic Sea Action Group), which focuses on improving the marine ecosystem of one of the most polluted seas in the world.

The BSAG works to restore the ecological balance of the Baltic Sea. Officially known as the “Foundation for a Living Baltic Sea”, the BSAG is an independent non-profit foundation that focuses on restoring the ecological balance of a sea that is currently suffering from eutrophication, hazardous substances, pollution by maritime traffic, and loss of biodiversity.

As a corporate donor to the BSAG, we are proud to be associated with the work of the Foundation in bringing together the relevant companies, scientists and politicians, to generate awareness, drive constructive cooperation, and commitment at every level in order to instigate and promote change.

Last holiday season, Euroloan Group Plc donated all the money earmarked for holiday gifts to the BSAG Holiday Campaign.

For more information on our Group’s Social and Environmental policy, please visit our Company page.