Point of Sale

Improving offline check-out experience, boosting sales

There are over 60,000 merchants using Point of Sale (PoS) / Electronic Cash Registers (ECR) in Finland. That’s around 180,000 individual devices processing a total transaction volume of EUR 4 Billion annually.

We are proud to partner with Verifone® to help merchants offer customers a pay-by-ID option at check-out with our Point of Sale solution.

How it works?

• Our payment solution is made available through the merchant’s Verifone device.
• Customers choose to Pay-by-Invoice on checkout and enter their social security number.
• We verify their credit rating in real-time and approve purchases up to EUR 2,000.
• Customers enjoy 14-days interest-free.
• Merchants receive immediate payment.
• We bear the credit-risk.
• When they receive their invoice, customers decide whether to pay in instalments or apply for a credit limit up to EUR 10,000.

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